Are You Sick and Tired of Wasting Years in Therapy Talking About Your Feelings with No Tangible Results to Show for It? Are You Ready to Finally Break Free of Old Patterns with Ancient, Time-Tested Shamanic Techniques that will Shift Your Shit Story Once and for All? Truly Transformation is An 8-Week Shamanic Healing Program for those Ready to Shift the Sob Story and Activate Their Success by Calling Their Soul's Power Back.

Have you ever gone through a shitty time in your life -- a heart-break, abusive relationship, an assault, loss of a job or a loved one…[Insert shitty life event here]--and never felt quite the same afterwards? Like you’d somehow lost your power, your charisma, or your light?  

Do you ever feel like you’re you know you have a purpose and you know you’re meant to do great things but your constantly battling the bullshit? Constantly judging yourself, constantly feeling like all your bullshit thinking and fears come up like the beefed up goalie that’s blocking you from achieving your goals?  

Do you ever feel like the victim in your story, like theres some unseen pattern that keeps pulling you back into outdated cycles that keep you captive to the crap? Like old patterns of self-sabotage, attracting fixer-uppers or unavailable partners, like being taken advantage of for your kindness or experiencing tragedy as soon as life gets good?  

Maybe you’ve been working on yourself really hard, going to therapy, seeing doctors and healers and working on maintaining a positive mindset, but no matter what, the same old patterns are haunting you, keeping you tripped up in the same weird version of the twilight zone?  

Hmmm so…do you really want to live like that?  

Re-experiencing the same roles in your life that are the exact opposite of the situations you truly long for?  

Because that’s where you get stuck wasting your time and your life…  

And that just kinda sucks at the end of the day.

Because you could be freed from those loops of lessons and find yourself attracting new situations that empower you and allow you to enjoy life fully! 

Most people think the problem is that's just how life is, that they have to settle for the same old shit stories and work through the patterns in therapy, but THE REAL PROBLEM IS that YOU'RE MISSING VITAL PIECES OF YOUR POWER that are attrating the same patterns and keeping you disempowered. 

And you’re not alone if you’ve been stuck scratching your head at why your life keeps looping out of alignment with your soul’s desires. I was stuck there for a long time trying to find my way out too.  

And it sucked to be stuck.  

Dude, the struggle IS real. And it’s a struggle so many of us empaths and powerful humans face when we’re on the brink of stepping into our power.  

The old critical voice chimes in. The old patterns come up. The people who’ve been energetically draining you and holding you back pull you in even harder, because they feel the resonance of you wanting to grow out of the old to step into your true power. It’s all those old bullshit forces that’ve been trying to keep you small, keep you from stepping into your fullness, your purpose, that try to block you from shifting out of the shit. From getting your power back. From living your greatest life.  

And I’ve gone up against those forces too. I’ve had to battle and release those old demons, to step into my power and reclaim the lost pieces of my soul, like my confidence, my voice, my sacred boundaries, my self-trust..

 I’m literally living proof that soul retrieval works!

I went from totally disempowered, broken and depressed to liberated, joyful and successfully living my life’s purpose. I freed myself from patterns of controlling, abusive relationships...the confines of a cult-like fundamentalist Christian church… I reclaimed my power, juiciness and trust after years of traumatic sexual abuse...AND reclaimed my life-force from a parasitic sociopathic ex and the life I was expected to just ‘suck up’ and deal with.  

And I’m sure as hell glad I didn’t settle for that shit story!  

By alchemizing my past pains, struggles, and shadows and using ancient shamanic healing techniques that have been around for hundreds of thousands of years I was able to alchemize past traumas and reclaim my fullest power from the past and all those I’d given my energy away to. I was able to shift stories of abusive relationships and call in the (husband to be) of my dreams who values, sees me and loves when I’m in my power! I shed old friends and family who couldn’t see and embrace the real me to surround myself with tried and true tribe who empower and value me for being exactly who I am.  

And I was hopeless before. I was lost, broken (and broke!), and terrified of having nothing at all besides my stories of trauma.  

But I refused to accept this as my truth. Instead I prayed for a lifeline, for solutions and success.  

And holy shit...did the universe provide! That’s when I found soul retrieval and the ancient healing ways of our ancestors and the indigenous tribes who’ve walked our earth for millenia. And that’s when these ancient tools arrived that transformed my life, and the lives of my clients I’ve shared them with ever since.  

I’ve been boiling down my best tools for reclaiming your power, connecting in with your true essence and retrieving your soul. Because I’m over the collective story of suffering...and I’m all for rewriting the story of success. 

In Truly Transformation I Take You Throught My Unique 8-Step Process to Take You from Scattered and Suffering to Successful and Fully Activated in Your TRUE Power! 

Here's what I'll be teaching you in my 8-week program...

MODULE ONE Finding True North: Getting Grounded and Clear

Go from Scattered and Suffering to Grounded and Clear. We start with a sacred intention setting ceremony where we burn away all the fears and crap getting in the way of our goals. You’ll learn ancient techniques for connecting in with your guides and assemble your sacred spirit team to help you rise into your highest vibe.

MODULE TWO Soul Embodiment: Stepping into Your True Temple 

Go from checked out of body to strong and embodied as we work on making your temple safe and sacred for your soul and power to fully reside in. For many of us who’re empathic and have been through trauma it can be hard to stay connected to the body. Old defense mechanisms of checking out and leaving the body happen when the soul feels threatened or scared. In this module we focus on healing the physical body, eating in alignment with our body type, and how to release physical blocks through a series of easy to use techniques.

MODULE THREE Cleansing Your Chakras: Building Blocks to Renewed Energy that Rocks!  

Go from clogged up with crap to flowing freely and Fab. In module 3 we dive into the chakras and discover where you’re harboring old stories and blocks that are ready to be transformed into wisdom and power. We discover how to deepen our relationships with our guides and how to re-energize our physical and energetic bodies!  

MODULE FOUR Anchoring in with the Ancestors

Go from recreating the past to liberation at last, for yourself and for your entire lineage. Many of us are unfortunately carrying old stories of suffering from our ancestors without being aware of it. Trauma effects DNA and any unresolved challenges from ancestors past is transferred down the line until we change it. In this module we’ll be diving deeper into our shamanic tools to connect in with our ancestors, learn their stories and what got stuck, so we can clear it and heal our lives now. We’ll use ritual and journeys to honor our lineage and connect more fully with their power and support. We have the ability to change the stories handed down to us and heal our future bloodline. The deep work to free our future starts here!

MODULE FIVE Retrieve Your Soul, Become More Whole  

Go from missing power to re-inspired as we delve deeper into self healing with soul retrieval. When the spirit feels threatened or unsafe parts of the soul may leave the body, creating feelings of emptiness, like part of the soul is weathered or drained, and sometimes even just gone. Many of us plow through life with missing pieces never realizing a solution exists for recovering these parts of the soul; a solution that’s been around for hundreds of thousands of years, practiced by indigenous peoples all over the world, called soul retrieval. In this module we’ll explore these ancient shamanic healing methods for reclaiming pieces of the soul, with step-by-step exercises for self-healing and soul retrieval.

MODULE SIX Shifting Out the Shadows

Go from Cycles of Old to Re-writing your Soul’s Code as we clear out the cobwebs and energetic skeletons from the closet. Some of our old wounds and demons keep us small, blocked from stepping into our power and achieving our all. In this module we’ll be journeying deeper into our darkness, anxieties and fears and liberating these old limitations for good, transmuting them into sheer wisdom, compassion and power. 

MODULE SEVEN Be Your Bestest Manifestress: Curating the Change You Want  

Go from abused and unenthused to creating a life you love and choose! In this module I share my best kept secrets to manifesting the life you want by using sacred shamanic rituals to materialize your dreams. We’ll be getting clear and putting our best intentions and magic into recreating a new life that meets us where we’re rising to!

MODULE 8 Balancing and Integration  

Go from full to balanced and whole. In our very last module we’ll learn how to integrate and nurture the incredible uploads and upleveling we’ve been doing in a way that nourishes and sustains us for the long run!

In Truly Transformation You’ll:

  • Get in touch with your juiciest desires and meet your enlightened team of personal guides.
  • Clear out fears, anxieties and traumas from your body, mind and spirit and the cords holding you back from achieving your dreams.
  • Learn about the chakra systems, or energy centers of your body, and how to clear them out to let your intuitive energy flow in.
  • Connect in with your ancestors for healing and clear the old wounds they experienced that are keeping you stuck since before you were even born. 
  • Learn how to connect in with your lost power and heal your spirit through soul retrieval.
  • Experience deep clearing of negative energies and entities that have been feeding off your energy and holding you back from rising into your power.
  • Learn powerful techniques to stop old unwanted patterns from ruining your life.
  • Utilize tools for empowering your energy, raising your vibration and manifesting the joy and power you really want!
  • Rewrite the stories of trauma and suffering to create a new narrative of success!  

And you don’t need to have any prior experience with shamanism, energy healing or soul retrieval to work with me through this course. You just need to be open, ready and willing to invest the time and energy into creating the lasting changes you want!

Sound like Truly Transformation is the next step in Your Journey? 

Here's What You Get in Truly Transformation...

And if You're Really Ready to Uplevel Your Vibe UPGRADE to my Purifier Package...

You're in LUCK Because My Go-To Personal Team of Healers I Work With to Rapidly Up-level are Here to Help YOU Too!

Meet My Dream Team of Healers...


Michelle Miller Ph.D., LCSW, M.A., CPC

Michelle goes deep and helps her clients release old stories and traumas that get stuck in the body, mind, and spirit. With an intuitive balance of EMDR techniques, hypnosis, breathwork, transpersonal psychology, shamanic healing, somatic experiencing, integral clinical psychotherapy, inner child therapy, and positive psychology we make massive shifts towards deep healing. 

James Ray, Astrologer and Wizard 

James will help you understand the previous, current, and upcoming transits to your natal placements. These transits help to shape our lives, relationships, health, and careers. Our work together will assist in seeing the blessings of past experiences and preparing for the future.

Kasey Schweickert

Kasey is a Shamanic Practitioner, Sound Therapist, Channel/Psychic, Egyptian Numerologist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Rocks and Reiki Master & Herbalist. Her practice and teachings utilizes the energy of crystals, sound, plants and flower essences. As a sacred energy practitioner and teacher she strives to empower others to empower themselves through understanding how to connect to the source that connects us all.

Truly Transformation Starts In...



"I am back in my body and simply me. It is the most powerful healing modality I have ever experienced and has truly saved my life. Pieces of my soul were stuck in the trauma and have now come home. Kristen is so gifted, it defies comprehension. The work she does is so pure, loving and can help anyone."

-Pat, Georgia

"Some serious magic and serious shifts happen whenever I work with Kristen that makes me feel invincible and has convinced me that anything is possible!"

-Rani, 34 San Francisco

"Immediately after the soul retrieval, I felt different. I felt a charge dance through me and as if I were really in my body. This was amazing onto itself because along with the depression I felt like I was walking around half a person. I’m no longer a scattered puzzle."

-Anna, 30 Brooklyn

So what the heck are you waiting for? Are you ready to level up into your soul’s success.  

Truly Transform with me NOW!

Will you let me be your spirit guide on your journey from suffering to success?  

If you’re feeling a sacred yes from your soul, then I invite you to up-level with me to step into your true power and magnificence.  

Because you don’t have to settle for the same old shit story. You can rewrite the story of your soul to set up for success! 

In my 8-Week Truly Transformation Program I help you go from drained and stuck in the old patterns to energized and free to create the life of your choosing. Because when you reclaim your lost power from traumatic cycles, you raise your vibration and begin to attract new cycles that honor your energy and reflect the life you really want to live! Sounds much better than being stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel of suffering, yeah? In Truly Transformation I take you through all the important steps to transform and heal your life. I take a holistic approach, utilizing all of my training in nutrition, shamanic healing, art therapy and psychology to support you in all areas. I help you work through the layers of trauma and get to the root of your concerns, so you can truly transform those wounds into tools for your empowerment.  


I Want to Work with YOU!

I want to work with you, you magnificent, vibrant being!...But I don’t just work with anyone these days. I’m only open to those who are ready for some serious, positive change, and those who're ready to go after their desires, FOR REAL. Because time is moving baby and who wants to get old and live in regret for the change that could be happening RIGHT NOW.  

That’s a freakin no brainer!  

And I’ve found that those who are REALLY ready to work with me, those who get that sacred YES (that HECK YEAH), figure out a way to make it happen, whether that’s making the time to do amazing work together or manifesting the money to invest in your empowerment process. If you really want this positive change then it’s yours, and the universe will RISE to meet you to give you what you really want, including the funds to make that happen.  

So who is going to benefit the MOST from partnering with me? Well, we’re a match made in heaven if:  

  • You’re sick and tired of repeating the same old patterns and are READY to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
  • You know you’re an awesome, capable Human and want to make you’re mark in the world but feel like you need some guidance, energetic boost (hello soul retrieval!), and want some help clearing and balancing those blind spots.
  • You’re serious about showing up for yourself and investing the time and capital to make that happen.
  • You’re ready to say goodbye to the victim stories (even if that means having to look more deeply at them...SHADOW work here we come to love on you!) and up level into becoming a master of your life again!
  • You’re ready to say fuck off to the lower vibrations and draining people and circumstances in your life so you can make room for the positive transformation you really want.
  • You’ve been praying for some miracle shifts in your life and you were somehow synchronistically guided to me (every thing happens for a reason, baby)!  

If this sounds like YOU then join Truly Transformation so I can support you into rising into your most powerful, vibrant vibration you were always meant to be living in...

Time is running out to make the changes you want.

Wanna Learn More About How Truly Transform Can Help You UP-LEVEL into Your Soul's Success?

...Why Work With Me?

You might be wondering, “Why the heck would I want to work with her? There’s thousands of other people I could work with...what makes her so special?”  

So, what makes me the right fit for you? Well....  

  • I’m loving and understanding in all situations. You ever notice how when the going gets tough, some friends and family get too uncomfortable with how real and painful some situations can become? Some people just simply don’t know how to hold space for the shadow seasons of life--those dark nights of the soul we all go through. Whether you’ve been raped, abused, have sexual skeletons in the closet, chronic illness, depression, inner demons, and spiritual conflicts, I can hold space for all of it. Sometimes we just need a loving, safe space to express the shadow stuff so we can feel supported to rise up into the light again. It takes someone who’s been through their own ugly stuff to really get it. And I’ve got you. Trust me, I've been there too. 
  • I’ve got the life experience and the training to help you achieve the best results. I’ve got my Bachelors degree in Clinical Psychology, my Masters in Creative Arts Therapies, I’ve worked with addicts with mental illness at Bellevue Hospital, kids with abusive families, I’ve worked with sex addicts in commercial dungeons, people all trying to fill their voids with everything but themselves AND I've found a way to help them transform their lives with Soul Retrieval. I’ve studied with more than 10 shamans all over the world, to indigenous communities in the Amazon Jungle to northern Native American Algonquin Elders. I’m also a certified Holistic Nutritionist and understand how food, digestion, and the body all have a delicate interplay into how we think and feel. I’ve literally got a bag full of tricks and ancient wisdom to fully support you in total transformation. I’ve got all the bases covered. I've got you (and all of you)!  
  •  I’m good at triggering change. Even if that means I’m triggering you. And I’m strong enough in my own power to hold a loving but firm mirror up for you so you can get the fullest support to shift what’s no longer serving you. Because sometimes we bring shit up to the surface and it doesn’t always feel good or look pretty. But I’m here to stick with you and support you through it so you can really HEAL it. I’m ready to get real with you. 
  • I’m tenacious AF. I’ve had my world collapse on me after my ex husband emptied my bank account and fled the country. I’ve literally had to pull myself up from rock bottom (more than once in my life) and have risen in my power like the Phoenix does the ashes. And with grace!
  • I’m driven as all hell. I’m comfortable going into those not-so-comfortable places to help you transmute them and totally master the lessons they come-a-bringing. And, I'll meet you there with compassion and hold the loving space you need in order to heal and grow.
  • I’m an energetic alchemist. I know how to talk to your demons and toughest inner critics, AND get them to CROSS OVER, and get them the heck out of you so you can remember what it’s like to live in a YOUR HIGHEST VIBRATION. No more bottom feeders. I’ve got your back so those nasty energetic critters don't anymore!
  • I’ve got all the right connections. I’m tapped into some ridiculously awesome spirit guides and helping vibes AND TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE authentic connections to yours too. No one guru syndrome here. We become equals and allies and work together towards total transformation together. 
  • I’m a Soul Retrieval of the most driven practitioners I know. Some shamanic practitioners only come back with one soul part per session (trust me, I’ve paid the big bucks to see these shamans too) but in our sessions, I keep going back for more. I’ve even had clients say they have no idea how I could have possibly brought back so many soul parts, in such little time, that resonated so deeply, from past lives, parents' lives and THIS life, all in one session. Once you choose to work with me, I SHOW THE F-UP for YOU!
  • I’ve got a comprehensive understanding of the stars and can help you navigate the astrological aspects affecting you NOW. And none of that Astro gibberish talk. I can boil it down into something that MAKES SENSE so you can understand exactly how the planetary happenings have helped shape your personality and your destiny, and how they’re affecting you in your time of transformation NOW. And it’s all part of the way we’re going to work together. ALL BASES COVERED. Yasss. 
  • I’m a master Manifestress and called you into my sphere for our mutual benefit and highest good. 

I only call in the coolest clients, and most powerful beings...and if you’re here already, your curious, there’s something kismet about us connecting then I want to invite you on a call to go deeper. So let’s see if we’re a true match made in heaven, shall we? 

Because it's time to shift the story and step into your success.